Leaking Tiled Balcony in Peyia - Waterproofing Cyprus
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Leaking Tiled Balcony, Peyia, Cyprus


Leaking Tiled Balcony| Peyia, 2018

The issue

Water was penetrating the balcony`s structure through the tiles.

The cause

The penetrating water caused damage the concrete beam and ceiling below. Various treatments had been tried over the years by other companies. They have tried changing the grouting to waterproof grouting, also many different sealants were coated over the tiles, each failed within short periods of time.

The permanent solution
Wetsuit Waterproofing Part 2 System has been applied over the existing tiles which formed a permanent waterproof seal. On the new waterproof substrate we laid new tiles. We issued a 20 year warranty.  When laying floor tiles on top of the Wetsuit Membrane, we are using a special glue that is suitable with our Waterproofing System.


No more flaking plaster and paint – wow. So quick and efficient too! Thanks Renovation team!

Sue W.