About Waterpoofing Cyprus | The Renovation Group
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About Us

Waterproofing Cyprus is an exclusive, specialist service provided by The Cyprus Renovation Group. Established in Paphos for over fifteen years, our team of expert, experienced surveyors, designers and installers offer Cyprus homeowners or businesses a select range of waterproofing, insulation and property renovation services.

We are committed to maintaining the highest customer service standards and continue to meet individual needs. From first enquiry to project completion, we ensure compliance to ISO 9001 standards, delivering on time and to budget.

Why Choose Us

The Renovation Group comprises key integrated construction services of Waterproofing, Insulation, Kitchen and Property. We are specialist manufacturers and carpentry installers, certificated Thermal Insulation contractors and waterproofing experts.

Our combined knowledge, experience and hands-on application are integral to advanced detail planning of each project and at each stage of the process.

Following a site visit, by our qualified surveyors, we will provide you with a detailed survey and report, and offer independent, expert advice along a presentation in our showroom. Our ability to create a full plan can be used to clearly show every aspect within a project and budget specification.

Call now for expert advice or a ‘no-obligation’ site visit.