Waterproofing Cyprus - By The Renovation Group
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Available exclusively by The Renovation Group in Cyprus

The ultimate water resistant barrier for all types of:

roofing – foundations – slabs – retaining walls – decks – balconies – patios – swimming pools – ponds – shower pans – planters – fountains

Easy to Apply

Time and Money Saving

Cold Resistance

Class A Self-Extinguishing Fire Rating

UV Stable

Non-Peeling, Non-Cracking and Self-Extinguishing

Instant cold spray membrane sets in 3 seconds

Foremost among the membrane technology advances is the WetSuit® System composed of water-based, neoprene synthetic rubber – the same material used to make wetsuits. Originally developed in the US – WetSuit® System is exclusively available in Cyprus from The Cyprus Renovation Group.

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What is Liquid Membrane Waterproofing?

Liquid membrane is a thin coating applied by spray, roller or trowel, which cures into a rubbery coating offering more flexibility than the cementitious types of waterproofing

Waterproofing Cyprus – creating a controlled environment

Waterproofing is known in construction as creating a controlled environment.

It’s part of the building envelope or physical divider between the internal and external uncontrolled environment which includes, resistance to air, water, heat, light, and noise transfer.

Advanced Membrane

A building or structure needs waterproofing as concrete will not be watertight by itself. The conventional system of waterproofing involves the application of one or more ‘membrane’ layers that act as a barrier to prevent water entering the building structure. However, traditional membrane system can pose long term issues with adherence to the substrate, which leads to leakage.

Cold applied – exclusive Waterproofing Cyprus

Today, many of the liquid applied membrane systems are now entirely cold applied and are seen as a safe alternative by insurance companies, main contractors and specifiers. Waterproofing projects are now able to be carried out at all times of the year without the need for occupants to leave the building.

Leaking flat roof, balcony or veranda?

The Renovation Group can provide an instant and permanent waterproofing solution