Paphos International Airport - Waterproofing Cyprus
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Paphos International Airport Case Study


Paphos International Airport | Corrugated Metal Airport Hangar | Seam Repair Works, 2018

The issue

The metal roof had been repaired many times, almost on an annual basis by local companies, using bitumen – mastics and various resins.

They have all failed within a short window and this has resulted in many leaks.

Bitumen 4mm overlay seams were evidently lifted, and the fibreglass mesh coated with sealant has cracked and the sealant became brittle.

The cause

Any waterproofing system that is considered for this type of roof must be able to withstand extreme heat and be able to flex with expansion and contraction of heat and cold.

The permanent solution

Our Wetsuit® Invisilink and Undercover have formed protection over the actual seam where two roof boards meets.

We applied Wetsuit® waterproofing over the defective repairs running over 130 metres along  the metal roof in 100 cm width.

The roof was tested within 1 hour by torrential rainfall and remained dry.

The roof is now watertight with a 20 year Wetsuit warranty for the seam works.